Bluedio Faith 2

Bluedio Active Noise Cancelling Over-ear Business Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Mic (Black or White)



Bluedio’s Faith 2 (F2) headphones uses unique vector flow technology. This basic use of airflow allows a deeper bass to be reserved for the listener, while letting empty air escape out of the back of this design. The Faith 2 adopts the Active Noise Cancelling (or ANC) technology. This brings simply clear sound to the end user by carefully examining the surroundings constantly, and then adapting the sound to the needs of the listener.

Bluedio has also designed the Faith 2 with an oval over-ear design. This design has proven to be the most comfortable for listeners, while allowing no sound to escape, or unnecessarily get in under each speaker. Enjoy this wearable design for hours on end, if you choose.

Equipped with a new design and feel, the Faith 2 has an eye on being worn by those with fashion and business sense. A simplistic look, accented by just the right materials, you will find this to be the perfect accessory no matter who you are; whether on the way to the office, or travelling to a show.

Connections include a TYPE-C three in one interface which can be used for either charging your headphones or transmitting data.


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